10 people whose day got off to a really bad start

Ever got up in the morning full of enthusiasm only to later wish you'd stayed in bed?  Ever had a day when despite your best efforts nothing seems to go right?  

If it's any consolation, you're not alone... The following selection of photos may make us laugh, but we should spare a thought for these guys. These situations could happen to any of us and we just hope their day improved!

From realizing that your pooch seems to have been crossbred with a Disney character to finding a toy helicopter stuck in your daughter's hair, you'll have to admit that even if life's glitches drive us crazy, there's rarely a dull moment...

1. Dog meets Dumbo... But he still gets 10 out of 10 for cuteness!

© viesch/reddit  

2. Splat!

© iProcione/pikabu  

3. Time to call a hairdresser...

© dirtyezio/pikabu  

4. Yep, dogs love chewing sneakers...

© ZHUQ/pikabu  

5. This pooch can't wait to clean up the floor!

© captainhowdy27/reddit  

6. Next time use a cutter!

© TacoHut_PizzaBell/reddit  

7. Sticky, gooey... Enough to drive anyone crazy!

© DoesntLikeWindows10/reddit  

8. Going, going, gone!

© All-Seeing_Elon/reddit  

9. When you're still half asleep when you get dressed...

© Wanna_taco_bout_it_/reddit  

10. The joy of being left-handed!

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