10 fascinating photos that put the size of gigantic objects into perspective

It's hard to imagine the true size of huge objects, not least because we usually only see them in photos where their scale is impossible to tell! Thanks to a student called Kevin Wisbith, we can now get a better idea of just how gigantic some things are!  Wisbith has created a fascinating series of photos where he juxtaposes two objects that we'd never see side by side and you'll have to agree that the results are jaw-dropping!

Here are 10 photos that put the size of gigantic objects into perspective!

1. An M-1 rocket motor compared to a Smart Car

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The M-1 rocket motor was designed for NASA during the 1950s and with its 14ft diameter was set to be the biggest motor ever built - wide enough to encompass a Smart Car!

2. The Pulmonoscorpius and cats

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The Pulmonoscorpius was a cat-sized prehistoric scorpion. That's one hell of a sting!

3. An oil tanker and Central Park

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The Seawise Giant oil tanker is 1,504 feet long. If it was placed in the middle of Central Park's main lake, it would only leave 350ft. extra room at its front and back.

4. The Dionysus asteroid and the Golden Gate Bridge

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The Dionysus asteroid is part the Apollo asteroid belt. It's 1.5 km wide and easily covers the distance between the bridge's two main supports. Fingers crossed that this rock never decides to land on Earth!

5. The Titanic and a modern aircraft carrier

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

At 882 feet-long, the Titanic was one of the biggest vessels of its time. However, when compared to the 1,092ft. U.S.S. Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier you can see that it would easily have fitted on the carrier's deck!

6. A radio telescope and Las Vegas

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The Chinese built the largest radio telescope on Earth.  At 1,600ft. in diameter, here's what it would look like if it was hovered above Sin City!

7. The Mir Diamond Mine and the Willis (AKA Sears) Tower

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The 1,722 feet deep Mir Diamond Mine in Russia is one of the deepest in the world. The Willis (or Sears) Tower in Chicago is a lofty 1,729 feet tall and here's what it would look like if it was placed in the central mine shaft!

8. A B-2 bomber and a NFL football field

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

The B-2 bomber is one of the biggest and most expensive planes ever made and boasts a 172 foot wingspan. To give you some idea of just how big it is, here's what it would look like on a NFL football field!

9. The Burj Khalifa and the Empire State Building

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

It may not be as famous as the iconic Empire State Building, but the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. At 2,722 feet-high it's 1,300 feet taller than the Empire State Building... A real stairway to Heaven!

10. The Death Star and Earth

© imgur/KevinWisbith  

Star Wars fans may be interested to know that if Darth Vader had paid us a visit, his Death Star would have covered about 1/4 of Florida... That's what we call a blot on the landscape!

So which one of these surprised you the most?  Share your comments with us below!