10 celebrities who refused to take the body shaming bait

Celebrities may not have much to complain about, but they are under immense pressure when it comes to the image they portray.  Rippling muscles, tiny waistlines, fabulous tans... The moment they're seen with a spare tire or double chin, bloggers and surfers around the world are quick to rip them to shreds.  There are even dedicated body shaming sites that are particularly poisonous when it comes to judging celebrities' looks.

Fortunately, most celebrities are perfectly at ease with their body shape meaning they're able to shut down their critics in one fell swoop!

1. Vin Diesel

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Vin Diesel is famous for his muscular roles and has nothing to prove when it comes to bulging biceps and a washboard stomach.  So when photos emerged in 2015 of Vin with a beer belly and chubby arms, body shamers' tongues started to wag.  True, it was a surprise to see him looking flabby, but he was in fact shooting The Last Witch Hunter and played a 13th Century character who wouldn't have spent his days working out at a gym! So Vin got well and truly into character and let it all hang out so that his character looked realistic on screen.

2. Christian Bale


We all remember Bale's scrawny body in 2004's The Machinist, followed by his bulked up appearance in 2012's The Dark Knight Rises and flabby form in 2014's American Bluff. Every time he appeared on screen, his body had altered, much to body shamers' delight.  However, what they didn't seem to realize was that Bale was deliberately beefing up or slimming down for roles. Plus his gorgeous wife doesn't care how he looks!

3. Rihanna

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Rihanna's happy to shut down anyone who criticizes her weight. The rumor mill began to wonder if she was pregnant, but when Rihanna's clingy outfits showed that there was no baby bump, their light-hearted speculation turned into nasty remarks. Rihanna, however, didn't care and was also immediately backed up by millions of fans who defended her glorious curves.

4. Nelly Furtado


Nelly's always been known for her elfin figure, but in 2010 photos showed a plumper form. She was also cussed for having lost her sense of style, although she was probably just getting used to her new shape. Rumors abounded that this 'man-eater', as she became known, had piled on the weight when she put her career on hold to concentrate on raising her family and dealing with her split from her husband. But judging by her dazzling smile, Nelly clearly has better things to do with her time than listen to a bunch of kill-joys!

5. Kesha


Kesha swapped her over made-up and slim line look for beautifully naturally, buxom curves.  Pressure from her ex-producer to keep slim left her with severe nutritional deficiencies as she more or less stopped eating.  She received more compliments with every pound she shed and was finally admitted to a rehab center where she dealt with her eating disorder and began to embrace her larger self.  Body shamers followed her process, but we're sure you'll agree that pressurizing someone to lose so much weight that they get sick is a really dumb thing to do!

6. Jennifer Love Hewitt

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When photos of a plump Jennifer appeared, she quickly reminded body shamers that she'd had two children and, as with most women, had trouble shifting her post-pregnancy weight.  She may look a bit uneasy with her new 'self', but she's made it clear that she'll lose weight when she's ready and not because society dictates it!

7. Steven Seagal

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Steven Seagal's no weakling and this action man is famous for religiously working out. In 2001, however, he put his career on hold and fans were shocked to see his weight soar to nearly 300lbs! He also lost a lot of hair, but was wise enough to get on with his life and brush all criticism aside.

8. Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson's career has been built on her appearance and she was openly horrified by the 70-odd pounds she put on during her first pregnancy.  Despite a second pregnancy, she has been gradually losing weight, but has settled into her body and risen above any snide comments thrown her way. 

9. Brendan Fraser

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Brendan Fraser has never enjoyed the 'Hollywood culture' so doesn't waste any time listening to critics. This is just as well because in 2010 he had to gain weight for Furry Avengeance and then couldn't be bothered to lose it. A divorce, lack of blockbuster roles and a back injury didn't help on the weight front, but our favorite mummy-killer has made it clear that he's got far more important things on his mind.

10. Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Clarkson's weight has always yo-yoed, but since the birth of her daughter, she's been unable to shift the pounds. Body shamers were vile to her because she didn't slim down and stooped so low as to criticize her chubby baby. So bravo to Kelly for not giving a damn and showing the bullies that she's proud of who she is and happy to show off her fuller figure!